May 29 - June 2, 2022



Led by Prof. Shalom Sabar

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Sunday          10 am: Meet at the Israel Museum.

May 29          Orientation and History of the Israel Museum, Prof. Shalom Sabar

                       Visit the JEWISH ART AND LIFE WING IN THE ISRAEL MUSEUM

                       in Jerusalem led by Prof. Shalom Sabar to get an overall picture of the

                       various ethnic groups and their art and culture.

                       Late lunch.


Monday         YEMENITE JEWRY

May 30          8:30 am:  Meet at the Israel Museum.

                       Travel to Rehovot to visit THE YEMENITE HERITAGE CENTER AND THE

                       JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF ISRAEL

                       View a short film to introduce the Yemenite Community and its history.

                       Lecture: The Illumination of Hebrew Manuscripts and Ketubbot in Yemen,

                       Prof. Shalom Sabar

                       Lecture: Yihyeh Haybi, a Jewish Photographer in Sana’a, Yemen, from

                       1930-44, Photographing Jews, Muslims and Europeans,

                       Ester Muchawsky-Schnapper                 

                       Catered Yemenite lunch.

                       Guided tour of the exhibits in the museum.


Tuesday         LIBYAN JEWRY

May 31           8 am: Meet at the Israel Museum.

                       Travel to Or Yehuda to visit THE LIBYAN JEWISH HERITAGE CENTER

                       Lecture: The Riots of 1967 in Libya and a Personal Family Journey,

                       Liliana Seror

                       Lecture: From the Tripolitanian Countryside to the Sharon Plain:

                       A Historical View of Jews in Libya and their Life in Israel, Prof. Harvey Goldberg

                       Guided tour of the museum.

                       Lunch at a Libyan restaurant.

                       Travel to Moshav Zeitan to see the Libyan Bushayoff Synagogue.   


 Wednesday    JEWS OF COCHIN

June 1              8 am: Meet at the Israel Museum.

                        Travel to Moshav Mesilat Zion.

                        Travel to Moshav Nevatim to visit THE COCHIN HERITAGE CENTER.

                        View a short film about the Cochini community and its history.

                        A Personal Family Journey from Cochin to the Land of Israel,

                        Yaela Cooper

                        Lecture: The Jews of Cochin: History and Art over the Ages,

                        Prof. Shalom Sabar

                        Guided tour of the Cochin Heritage Center and the Cochini Synagogue.

                        Travel to Beersheva for a late lunch at an Indian restaurant.


 Thursday        JEWS OF IRAQ

June 2             8 am Meet at the Israel Museum.

                        Travel to Or Yehuda to visit THE BABYLONIAN JEWRY HERITAGE


                        View a short film about the Babylonian community and its history.

                        Lecture: Jewish Ceremonial Art of Baghdad, Iraq and its Distribution in Iraq

                        and the Iraqi Diaspora, Prof. Shalom Sabar

                        Catered Iraqi lunch

                        Guided tour of the museum.

                        A meeting with a Judaica collector.

                        Return to Jerusalem.                                                                                      


                                                      PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Seminar without the hotel: NIS 3775 (approximately USD 1180)


Deposit:      NIS 1000 with registration, of which NIS 500 is non-refundable.

                    Remainder of payment is to be paid by May 15, 2022  


Cancellation fees:                                                   

                    April 27-May 12, 2022..…………............50%

                    May 13-29, 2022…….……..………...…100%                


Trip includes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  •  Lectures by Prof. Shalom Sabar and other guest lecturers.

  •  JHS tour escort

  •  Guided tours in the museums

  •  Lunches according to the itinerary

  •  Local transport by bus

  •  Entrance fees according to itinerary

  •  Musical performance in the Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center

  •  Tips


Not included in the price:  

          Travel insurance for those of you coming from abroad.  One should check that the

          insurance covers you for Covid and cancellation.                                 


Program subject to change:  All rights are reserved by Jewish Historical Seminars to make

staff substitutions if necessary and/or make changes to the program and conditions as

required by force majeure, including cancellation of the trip at any time due to drastic

changes in the situation. Participants are reminded that weather conditions cannot be

predicted and cancellations or changes to visits may be unavoidable.


For those of you joining from abroad:  you should check what the situation is with COVID

in Israel and what will be needed (ie: PCR test, etc) as well as returning to your country.


The seminar will take place upon registration of a minimum number of participants

Further information:      Contact Debbie Zuberi: 

                                         Tel: 972-54.2212503, Fax: 972-2-5700005

                                         Email: JHSeminars@gmail.com.