November 7-17, 2022

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Join us and our tour guide Jacob Shoshan, as we travel in time and sail along the mighty Nile River, tracing Jewish history in the Eastern Sahara Desert. Discover 3,800 years of the unique relationships between two civilizations that have shaped the world as we know it today.


Mon, Nov 7:    Arrival in Cairo, Egypt’s capital set on the Nile River. 

                        Transfer to the hotel.

                        Orientation followed by dinner in the hotel.                                    O/N CAIRO


Tue, Nov 8:     Visit Sadat’s Tomb and proceed to visit the Egyptian museum which houses

                         the largest collection of the Pharaonic antiquities in the world from the

                         treasures of Tutankhamun to mummies and ancient jewellery. 

                         Continue to the Saladin Citadel and the Mohammed Ali Mosque. 

                         Proceed to Khan EL Khalili, the old Bazaar and walk through its narrow

                         lanes via El Moaez Street.                                                            

                         Dinner in the hotel.                                                                             O/N CAIRO                                      

Wed, Nov 9:     Visit the National Museum of the Egyptian Civilization presenting artifacts

                          and art work from prehistoric times to the present day.

                          Walk the streets of the Old Cairo district to see the Hanging Church, one of

                          the oldest churches in Egypt which dates to the third century.

                          Continue to view the Ben Ezra Synagogue, the site of the famous Cairo

                          Geniza which consisted of documents written primarily in Hebrew,

                          Judeo-Arabic and Aramaic which illuminated much of Jewish and ancient


                          View the Shaar HaShamayim Synagogue, Egypt’s largest, built in 1899 in a

                          style evoking Egyptian temples.

                          Travel to the airport for the flight to Aswan.                              

                          Dinner at the hotel.                                                                           O/N ASWAN                                                                         

Thu, Nov 10:    Transfer to Aswan Airport to fly to Abu Simbel.

                          Visit the temples of Pharaoh Ramses II and of his wife, Nefertari with its

                          beautiful hieroglyphics. Fly back to Aswan.

                          Visit the High Dam on the Nile River, Egypt’s amazing modern construction.

                          Dinner in the hotel.                                                                            O/N ASWAN                                                                         

Fri, Nov 11:         Visit the Granite Quarry with the Unfinished obelisk.  Sail by Felucca around

                           the Elephantine Island, site of a Jewish military colony and a Hebrew Temple

                           dating back to the 6th Century.

                           Visit the Botanical Gardens and the Nubian Museum dedicated to the

                           history of Nubia, the area that stretches from Aswan in the north through

                           the Sudan in the south.  

                           Embark the Nile Cruise Ship to welcome Shabbat.

                           Lunch and Dinner onboard.                                                       O/N ONBOARD

                                                                                                                                                                Sat, Nov 12:      Once the ship docks at Kom Ombo, disembark and walk over to the nearby

                           double Temple of Kom Ombo. 

                           Lunch and Dinner onboard.                                                      O/N ONBOARD                                                         

 Sun, Nov 13:    Sail to Edfu to visit the Temple of Horus, considered to be among the

                           best-preserved temples in Egypt.  

                           Continue sailing by way of Esna to Luxor.  

                           Lunch and Dinner onboard.                                                       O/N ONBOARD                                                     

Mon, Nov 14:     Disembark the cruise ship.  Visit the Valley of the Kings on the West Bank

                           of the Nile River, including the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon.  See the two

                           Colossi of Memnon and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir El-Bahari. 

                            Return to Luxor.

                            Dinner at the hotel.                                                                          O/N LUXOR                                                              

Tue, Nov 15:       Visit the Karnak Temple, the largest complex of its time ever built developed

                            over a thousand years.  We will see cartouches of some of the Hebrew towns

                            which were conquered by the Pharoahs.  Continue to the Luxor Temple.

                            Early dinner.

                            Fly to Cairo.                                                                                         O/N CAIRO                                                       

Wed, Nov 16:      Visit Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt.  Continue to Saqqara, the great

                             necropolis of the old Kingdom where the first pyramid was built 100 years

                             before the Giza ones, known as the step pyramid. 

                             Visit the tomb of Princess Idut and proceed to the Giza plateau, where the

                             great Pyramids are, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

                             Dinner in the hotel.                                                                             O/N CAIRO


Thu, Nov 17:        Transfer to Cairo International Airport for the flight back home.


                                                        PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE

Price for land arrangements only:  USD 3345 per person in a double room

       ***EARLY REGISTRATION UNTIL JULY 31: USD 3295 per person in a double room***  


Single supplement (Double room for Single Occupancy): USD 575

                                           Price is based on minimum participants


Price for airfare from/to Israel + 4 domestic flights including airport taxes: USD 1035

Price for 4 domestic flights only including airport taxes:  USD 430               

(Based on airfares and airport taxes in effect at time of publication and subject to change)


People joining us from abroad should meet us in the hotel Cairo or at the Cairo International Airport


Deposit:  USD 850 with registration, of which USD 350 is non-refundable.

Remainder of payment is to be paid by Aug 14, 2022.   Please register promptly as our trips fill quickly.                                                         


Cancellation fees:                                                  


                   Aug 14-Sep 21, 2022...… .…...….................25%

                   Sep 22-Oct 12, 2022……...…………..….….50%

                   Oct 13, 2022 -Departure.………........…..…100%          



 2 nights in Le Meriden Airport, Cairo

 2 nights in Mövenpick Resort, Aswan

 3 nights on the Esmeralda Nile Cruise

 1 night in Steigenberger Luxor

 2 nights in Mövenpick Media City, Cairo

                  Subject to change                                


Trip includes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

  •   Led by the tour guide, Jacob Shoshan

  •   JHS Tour Escort and local English speaking tour guides.                                                                                                                                    

  •   7 nights accommodation in 5 star hotels H/B

        3 nights on a Nile Cruise F/B

  •   Local transport by bus and boat

  •   Entrance fees according to itinerary      


Not included in the price:                                      

  • Obligatory health and cancellation                      

   travel insurance (which also covers Covid)                                                   

  • Tips USD 115  

  • Visa fees                                       


Program subject to change:  All rights are reserved by Jewish Historical Seminars to make

staff substitutions if necessary and/or make changes to the program and conditions as

required by force majeure, including cancellation of the trip at any time due to drastic

changes in the situation. Participants are reminded that weather conditions cannot be

predicted and cancellations or changes to visits may be unavoidable.

Each participant needs to be vaccinated against COVID.


Further information: Contact Debbie:Tel: 972.2.534.5191, Cell: +972.54.2212503  Fax: 972.2.5700005


                    The trip is run in conjunction with Ayala Travel and Tours, Jerusalem,