During the period of COVID 19 when we had to cancel all our tours for 2020, we came up with a wonderful idea of bringing CULTURE AND HISTORY FROM AFAR WITH JHSEMINARS to you.
           I had been in touch with many of our amazing guides around the world and most of their work had been canceled for 2020 and 2021 leaving them with very little income.  This new project helped them at the same time of giving you all a chance to learn and "travel" from home.
           Besides our guides, we have our amazing lecturers who travel with us on our tours (Professor Shalom Sabar, Dr. Kathy Aron-Beller, Dr. Vladimir Levin and Dr. Eliezer Papo) besides other lecturers like Prof. Gary Rendsburg and Dr. Joseph Benatov who lecture for us.  The lectures will take place at a set date and time on ZOOM for a fee of USD 12 per lecture.  Payment for the lectures need to be made on  All the lectures will require pre-registration and payment before the lecture.
          There is also the possibility of paying the same fee at and viewing the recording of a past lecture. 
You need to contact Debbie at