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Wednesday, March 22nd at 7 pm Israel time (9 am PST; 12 pm EST; 5 pm UK; 11 am Mexico: IT USED TO BE CALLED CZECHOSLOVAKIA, Jacob Shoshan

Join Jacob on a virtual tour to two exciting destinations - Slovakia and Czechia - with a fascinating Jewish History. See a beautiful country side, fantastic edifices and beautiful synagogues. Hear about centuries of cultural and religious achievements - as well as the tragic events which befell those ancient Jewish communities during the dark years of the Holocaust.

Jacob Shoshan was born in Jerusalem. He is a licensed tour guide in Israel as well as a teacher and lecturer for The Tour Guide Colleges in Israel. He is also a Senior Tour Director and Lecturer for the Geographical Society, Israel. Jacob has visited 98 countries and led tours in 65 countries on all six continents and is fluent in 15 languages. He presents in-depth discussions on Jewish history, philosophy and culture and is deeply involved in Holocaust education. Jacob was our tour guide on our recent tour to Egypt.

To register: USD 12 via and contact:

One is able to register (USD 12) and view a recording of a past lecture for a number of days.

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