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                           THE RISE OF ASHKENAZI JEWRY

                   The Jews of Alsace, Lorraine and the Rhineland

                                            June 26-July 4, 2023  

               Led by Professor Shalom Sabar and Dr. Kathy Aron-Beller

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The seminar seeks to analyze the background of Franco-German Jewry, known as Ashkenazi Jewry. Its roots go back to the ninth century when small communities of wealthy and learned Jews with their entourage settled in the Rhineland and northern France. They were treated as favored immigrants from Italy, Provence and Spain. The tiny communities of Franco-Germany grew to become centers of commerce and finance, and above all, seats of Jewish learning. Major themes in the seminar include: the study of the Torah and Talmud which reached its peak in the XI-XIIIth centuries, Rashi and the Tossafists, Hasside Ashkenaz, persecutions and massacres from the First Crusade to the 1348 Black Plague and the eventual expulsions. Our visit will take us to important Jewish sites in Alsace, Lorraine and the Rhineland.


Mon                  Arrive in Zurich and transfer to Strasbourg, the intellectual and cultural

Jun 26              capital of Alsace.

                         Late afternoon orientation in the hotel.

                         Kosher dinner                                                                                                       STRASBOURG


Tue                   Lecture: The Defining Characteristics of the Jews of Ashkenaz, K. Aron-Beller

Jun 27              Lecture: The Heroic Age of Ashkenazi Jewry as reflected in Illuminated Hebrew Manuscripts

                         from Medieval France and Germany, S. Sabar

                         City sightseeing tour of Strasbourg.

                         Visit the synagogue.

                         View Strasbourg by boat via the historical and enchanting canals.

                         Tour the Petite-France, the home of artisanal trade in medieval Strasbourg and continue to the

                          visit the Cathedral.                                                                                               STRASBOURG


Wed                   We travel to Worms in the Rhineland to visit the grave of R. Meir of Rothenberg, the great

Jun 28               religious leader of Ashkenazi Jewry in the thirteenth century. 

                          The synagogue we visit was the place where great and famous rabbis, including Rashi,

                          prayed and studied. 

                          Worms suffered severely during the massacres of the First Crusade.

                          Kosher packed lunch.

                          In the afternoon we will visit Speyer to see the Jewish Quarter and the well preserved medieval mikve.                                                                                                                                                            STRASBOURG


Thu                    Lecture: The Hasidai Ashkenaz Experience. K. Aron-Beller   

Jun 29               Lecture:  Jewish Rituals in Christian Eyes: Illustrated “Ethnographies” on Jewish Life

                          by German Hebraists, S. Sabar

                          Travel to Traenheim to visit the hidden synagogue.           

                          Continue to Obernai, the site of the 18th century synagogue.

                          Kosher packed lunch.

                          Travel to Colmar to visit the 19th century synagogue and tour the old medieval city paying

                           attention to the quarters of Poissonerie and    Petite Venise.                                 STRASBOURG                                 

 Fri                     Lecture: Daily Life in the Rhineland: Economics and Family Life,  K. Aron-Beller

 Jun 30               Lecture: Jewish Folk Art and Life Cycle Rituals in the Rhineland, S.  Sabar

                          Travel to Bischeim, a suburb of Strasbourg, which contains a mikve and synagogue from the      

                           Middle Ages as well as a local museum with Jewish objects from the area.

                           Shabbat Services and kosher dinner.                                                                     STRASBOURG          


Sat                     Shabbat services.

Jul 01                 Lecture:  Jewish-Christian Exchange, K. Aron-Beller

                           Kosher lunch. 

                           Visit the Musée Alsacien.                                                                                        STRASBOURG 


Sun                     Lecture: Expulsion and Beyond: The Case of Strassbourg, K. Aron-Beller

Jul 02                  Lecture: Das Schuletragen - Carrying the Wimpel to the Synagogue: A Special Custom

                           and its Artistic Development, S. Sabar

                           Travel to Nancy, capital of Lorraine, which is considered one of the most refined and attractive

                           cities in France.

                           Visit the old city with its gilded Central Square and cream color buildings. 

                           Kosher packed lunch.

                           Visit the synagogue.

                           Continue to Metz where we visit the synagogue.                                                  STRASBOURG


 Mon                   Lecture: Creating Communities: The Jews of Alsace, K. Aron-Beller                                                       Jul 03:               Lecture: Between Germany and Alsace: Jewish Life in the Works of Moritz Oppenheim                                                      and Alphonse Levy, S. Sabar

                           Travel north to Haguenau situated on the edge of a major forest to see its  Jewish quarter

                           and synagogue.

                           Proceed to Pfaffenhoffen to visit the 18th century synagogue.

                           Kosher packed lunch.

                           Travel to Bouxviller where there are fine examples of original timbered   buildings. 

                           We will visit the Alsace Jewish Museum, which is housed in a former synagogue.

                           Continue to Ingwiller to visit a synagogue from 19th century.

                            Farewell dinner in a kosher restaurant.                                                               STRASBOURG


Tue                   Transfer to the Zurich airport for departure

Jul 04

                                                              PROGRAM SUBJECT TO CHANGE


           Prof. Shalom Sabar (Emeritus), Dept. of Art History / Dept. of Folklore and Folk Culture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

           Dr. Kathy Aron-Beller, Lecturer in Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and  Tel Aviv University  

Price for land arrangements only:  Euro 3335 per person in a double room

          ***EARLY REGISTRATION UNTIL Jan 10, 2023: Euro 3285 per person in a double room***    


Single supplement (Double room for Single Occupancy): ­­­­Euro 795

              Price is based on minimum participants


Price for airfare from Israel (Tel Aviv-Zurich-Tel Aviv)   USD 627 plus USD 76 Airport taxes

                          (Based on airfares in effect at time of publication and subject to change)

                          People joining us from abroad should meet us in the hotel in Strasbourg or at the

                          Zurich airport at the arrival of the El Al flight of the group coming from Israel.


Deposit:  Euro 750 with registration, of which Euro 350 is non-refundable.

     Remainder of payment is to be paid by April 2, 2023.   Please register promptly as our trips fill quickly.                                                         


Cancellation fees:       

                       Feb 23-April 2, 2023…………………….……20%                 

                       April 3-23, 2023………..…….........................35%

                       April 24-May 25, 2023…….…...…….……….50%

                       May 26,2023-Departure..…..…….......…..…100%                


Trip includes:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  •   Lectures by Prof. Shalom Sabar & Dr. Kathy Aron-Beller

  •   JHS Tour escort                                                                                                                                      hotel   

  •   Local English speaking tour guide                          

  •   8 nights accommodation in a first class hotel with daily buffet breakfasts, kosher 1st and

        last dinners plus Shabbat dinner and Shabbat lunch. Four kosher packed lunches.

  •   Local transport by bus

  •   1 hour private boat tour in the canals of Strasbourg

  •   Entrance fees according to itinerary      


Not included in the price:                                      

  • Obligatory health and cancellation travel insurance (which also covers Covid)                                                             

  • Tips Euro 95


Program subject to change:  All rights are reserved by Jewish Historical Seminars to make staff substitutions

if necessary and/or make changes to the program and conditions as required by force majeure,

including cancellation of the trip at any time due to drastic changes in the situation. Participants are reminded

that weather conditions cannot be predicted and cancellations or changes to visits may be unavoidable.


                                  Each participant needs to be vaccinated against COVID.


Further information:

Contact Debbie:   Tel: 972.2.534.5191, Cell: +972.54.2212503  Fax: 972.2.5700005


                             The trip is run in conjunction with Ayala Travel and Tours, Jerusalem

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